plug-and-play visuals

advanced shading

Use light to give your projects a more realistic look. Achieve greater consistency and more natural results with ease with deferred shading and shader-based material systems with built-in common shaders library.


Use anti-aliasing the way that suit your needs. Find a perfect balance of overall quality, sharpness & performance.

local reflections

Enhance your projects with reflective surfaces. Reflect nearby surroundings in any surface to line a true depiction of created environment.

realistic shadows

Create highly believable envirtoments with our Realistic Shadows.

effiecient prototyping

scene graph based rendering

It is your choice - to build scene as a tree of dependent nodes or just use GameObjects and dont worry about all the tree dependency system

import anything

With assimp integrated to our AexolGL engine, you can import any kind of mesh( obj, 3ds, blend, fbx) etc..

controller support

Take advantage of using all the controllers. Easily integrate mouse, keyboard, spartphone touchscreen etc.

resource manager

Load textures and assets with ease. Don't bother guessing if something is already imported and you can use it in your scene.

low level layer

access to glabstract

Imagine a situation when totally new graphic hardware is coming to the market. Can you handle engine integration in one week? We can. (see enterprise)

low-level nodes

Create stunning, innovative out-of-the-box effects. With low-level nodes you can "speak" directly to the gl layer.

easy native access

Our AexolGL core communicates well with native device API's. With it's clean C structure, writing new device bindings is simple and pleasant

readable source

If it's still not enough for you - you can access and read the engine source code( Enterprise edition)